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Disaster Recovery

Home Disaster Recovery

“Let’s get our feet on the ground first!” 

Our Task:

  • Providing a visible Insurer response
  • Best endeavours for client and customer wellbeing
  • Triage, reserve, arrange make safe repairs and report on initial cost estimates 


  • Mobilise our significant pool of experienced resources for a rapid response
  • Our process, software and resources are primed to deploy a Rapid Response Team instantaneously in the event of a disaster whilst maintaining business as usual continuity
  • Providing a “Results Driven” attitude in understanding the urgency relating to recovery


Outcomes for the Insurer:

  • Working together with our client to meet their policy response and corporate responsibilities
  • Innovative, conceptual thinking enabling maximum performance through any challenge
  • Industry experience coupled with purpose developed software and equipment to drive a proficient response. that carefully combines Customer Welfare with Assessment and Reinstatement

Outcomes for the Insured (‘Customer’):

  • Customer reassurance
  • Communication and information exchange that carefully combines Customer Welfare with Assessment and Reinstatement
  • Fair and reasonable outcomes while maintaining validated policy and procedure

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