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Meth Decontamination

We have invested time into providing our team with specialized training in meth contamination, remediation techniques, and the required health and safety practices. This has allowed our team to access the contaminated properties and complete accurate scopes detailing the existing condition, features and damage. In turn this has reduced the average cost per project and allowed the property to be occupied quickly and safely.

  • Identification, Testing and Training
  • Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of NZS 8510:2017 and AUS: standards
  • Complete understanding of remediation techniques available
  • Measuring and reporting supplier performance to our client
  • Minimizing rental down time, lower loss of rent costs
  • Scoping and remediation action plan creation
  • Management of Customer Relations, Expectations and Communications
  • Management of licensed surveyors and revivalists
  • Robust health and safety practices (leading the insurance industry)
  • Continual process improvements to increase quality of decontamination and decrease required reinstatement improving overall project costs.
  • Coordination with suppliers

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