About Us

Morgan Project Services (MPS) is a team of project management and building professionals that provide claim management services in Australia and New Zealand.

MPS has a lengthy history of disaster recovery services and Business As Usual (‘BAU’) claim management in both the commercial and residential sectors. MPS have been involved in some of the largest natural disaster responses in the Southern Hemisphere, including the Christchurch Earthquake Sequence between 2010 - 2011 and the Kaikoura Earthquake of 2016.

We pride ourselves on our readiness and quick response times for people in their time of need. We know how important it is to be present in the big moments and our people are passionate about supporting our clients when they need it most.

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What we do

As Project Managers we direct every aspect of your projects. Inclusive of scoping, design & consent management, scheduling, liaising with contractors and key stakeholders, overseeing the quality and cost of all work, to ensure your projects run smoothly from start to finish.

A unique part of the service we offer is our design unit, a vastly-experienced team which gives us the capacity to produce a range of incredibly useful resources, including comprehensive plans, level / verticality surveys, construction and finishes specifications down to the finite details of fittings and colour schemes.

They’re complemented by a group of highly accomplished architects, engineers, surveyors and specialist consultants, all of whom work collaboratively to achieve the best time/quality/cost outcomes for our clients.

Why choose us?


Decades of combined experience across all domestic and commercial building claim types including large scale events.


We know that one process doesn’t fit all, and so we develop our processes to work with your systems resulting in a truly integrated solution.


We choose our project managers for their experience in the construction industry, the majority hold and maintain their LBP certifications.


All our projects are scheduled and supported by in-house technology to ensure they meet agreed deliverables.