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Morgan Project Services comprises of project management and building professionals with decades of combined experience and extensive knowledge gained on construction projects, disaster recovery response and rebuilding throughout Australasia

Disaster Recovery

Ability to respond to large scale disasters across Australasia:

  • Rapid on site response to disasters
  • Immediate resourcing
  • Up to the minute reporting to our clients
  • Integrated and transparent claims management 
  • In house IT resource
  • Co-ordinated stakeholder approach

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Project Management (BAU Claims)

Experienced in managing all Business As Usual (BAU) building claims in commercial, industrial, corporate and residential:

  • Construction Based Experience
  • Immediate Response
  • Robust cost controls and scoping
  • Quality Assurance through construction management 

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Transforming & Improving Projects

We’re always interested in new opportunities, big or small.

What we can do for you

The management team at Morgan Project Services (‘MPS’) has a lengthy history of disaster recovery services with Suncorp, Vero and its other insurance entities in both commercial and residential repairs and rebuilds.

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Part of our unique service to the Insurance industry is the ability to manage design process to achieve appropriate building consents, fit for purpose, feasibility to policy response and legislative compliance. 

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Experts in providing reinstatement strategies and management bringing meth contaminated properties to a livable standard.

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Engagement and management of specialist contractors for the identification, removal, monitoring, and clearance certification of asbestos contaminated materials. 

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The management team at Morgan Project Services has a lengthy history of disaster recovery.
Fire Reinstatements

Our Project Management team have practical experience in the scoping, costing and reinstatement of fire damaged buildings.

Cyclone Debbie

Large scale flash flooding to the Edgecumbe area with over 500 houses in the region being seriously affected. MPS worked with Vero and AAI (Suncorp) in the complete claim and construction management of affected homes.

Kaikoura Earthquake

MPS dispatched personnel to Kaikoura within 24 hours of the event, we were available to assist in required Make Safe operations and the assessments of building damage.

Magnitude Christchurch Earthquake
Thousand Affected Homes
Billion Dollar Event
Billion Dollar - Our Response

Our Team

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Managing Director

Sam Ross

General Manager

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