Whangarei Flood Event

Mother Nature can be ruthless and show her full force at unexpected times, leaving our lives devastated.

While the outcome may be out of your control, having someone there by your side as you put your life together again can make a difference.

At Morgan Services, we will help you get back on your feet when you need us most.

How we helped

The problem

In July 2020, after struggling with ongoing droughts, Northland residents had the terrible ordeal of coping with a once in a 500-year storm. The storm caused extensive flooding, roof leaks and land damage to homes and commercial buildings. This unexpected weather event caused significant damage and severely impacted the lives of many people.

The solution

We were on-site quickly, ready, and able to assist affected residents and customers. As claims were lodged, we managed properties to ensure homes were safe and secure for peace of mind. Our contractors stripped out the damaged buildings in the following days enabling the drying process to begin quickly. We arranged numerous contractors to manage the high volume of repairs. Additionally, we scoped and reported on claims for cash settlement of minor repairs.

The result

We managed 376 claims resulting from the flood, ranging from significant flooding, roof leaks and land damage with silt remediation. These claims included 199 properties that were made safe and 146 building repairs. We also assessed 168 minor repair claims for cash settlement. At times like this, you can trust us to manage the claims process and take care of issues so you can avoid any added stress during this traumatic experience.

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