2019 House Fire

We never expect it will happen to us. But, a fire can occur when we least expect it. It can be a scary and life-changing event that may take time to recover from.

During this time, you need someone to manage the process to allow you to begin picking up the pieces. Morgan Project Services have the staff and experience to give you that time and opportunity so you can put your life in order and get back to normal.

The Problem

In January 2019, a fire broke out in a home, causing extensive fire and smoke damage internally and externally. The fire damaged the roof, and many rooms suffered significant structural damage to the walls and flooring. Although the house was repairable, this unforeseen event caused disruption and stress for the occupants.

The Solution

We carried out a site visit with the homeowner and a fire investigator as soon as possible. We conducted a thorough inspection of the home and then completed the scope of works. As the house was repairable, we arranged for an architect to complete the design and building consent requirements for a new roof structure, replacement framing and bracing. We organised a strip out of all fire, and smoke damaged linings to confirm the extent of the damage, including the kitchen's vinyl flooring, which contained asbestos. Finally, we arranged contractors to complete the repairs, including specialist contractors to remove contaminated soil from the affected areas following Council guidelines.

The Result

Our skilled staff quickly and efficiently organised for the repairs to be undertaken and finished so that the home would be safe and liveable again. We ensured all works were completed within the specified timeframe of four months, with all parties signing a practical completion certificate. Trust us to process your claim expertly and promptly so you can focus on getting back to normal.

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