2020 Lake Ohau Village Fire

Tragedy can strike at any time, often without warning. When disaster hits, our lives can be altered dramatically. We need someone who will reassure us during these times that we can have confidence in their ability.

At Morgan Project Services, we can support you and help you get back on the path to recovery.

How we helped

The problem

In the small Waitaki District settlement of Lake Ohau, during the early hours of one October morning in 2020, strong winds fanned one of the most severe wildfires in New Zealand history. Residents were forced to flee their properties as a massive fire burned through conservation land and farms. As a result, most of the homes in the village were destroyed, and many lives were significantly affected.

The solution

We quickly mobilised our team, and we were on the ground the day after the catastrophe to respond and provide assistance to Suncorp customers in need. Within three days of the event, we completed assessments of damaged homes and reported on all Suncorp affected properties. In addition, our contractors completed urgent cleaning of smoke affected buildings and conducted asbestos surveys before demolition to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

The result

We managed 16 fire and smoke damage claims ranging from total loss of homes and outbuildings to minor smoke damage and odour removal. While six homes were a total loss, we managed one rebuild, and five claims were cash rebuilds. We also completed eight managed repairs and two insured cash repairs. We handled these projects, so you can focus on your well-being rather than on being a project manager.

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