Flooding at Edgecumbe

Flood damage

We understand the damage caused by flooding is devastating and highly stressful for you, so we manage each stage of the process to help you get back into your home or business as quickly as possible.

Once the floodwaters have subsided, we'll schedule a site visit for one of our friendly project managers to visit your property. They will complete a full assessment of the damage, and create a detailed description of the repairs to be undertaken.

How we help you back to normality

Connect with us

Once you have lodged your claim, we will be in touch with you quickly. You can also call us any time on the number at the top of the page

Make Safe

Due to the amount of flooding and contamination, properties often require water-damaged elements to be removed. Our team will engage a contractor to remove non-repairable elements and to remove any hazardous materials. We will also arrange for a team of restoration specialists to complete moisture sampling and install drying equipment to restore the remaining elements of the building.


Once we have determined the extent of damage and what repairs are required, a repair scope of works will be completed. This scope is sent for tender, and a preferred main contractor is chosen who best fits your repair needs and timeframes.


We manage the process and repair schedule, including compliance for your repairs and health and safety documentation. Before repairs start, we will make sure this schedule is suitable and a contract is drawn up. We want you to understand the repair process and be happy with the proposed plan.


Construction is the exciting phase where your property is physically repaired back to its former glory. The main contractor will work with you to complete repairs according to the scope of works and repair schedule. In addition, our team will maintain excellent communication with you and actively manage the main contractor to ensure they complete quality repairs and meet compliance promptly and efficiently.


The time you have been eagerly anticipating has arrived. Once the repairs are completed, we will hold a meeting at your property to ensure the repairs are satisfactory. Our team is proud to assist and support you during your time of need, from start to finish. So now you can focus on getting your life back to normal.