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Bernie O’Sullivan

Managing Director

Bernie focuses on the strategic direction and growth opportunities for MPS at corporate level. He is well connected and respected within the insurance industry, and his competencies are manifest around development of relationships, seizing opportunities and cementing existing relationships and strategies for his team.

Bernie’s 40 years experience in disaster recovery and multi-million dollar construction projects extends across Australia and New Zealand. He specialises in identifying and managing the performance of consultants and contractors, maximising the time and cost benefits this provides. This was and is clearly demonstrated through the results achieved with his Canterbury EQ PMO business.

He loves the outdoors, a keen fisherman and boatie. Approachable, family focused and always up for a yarn with family, friends and staff.


Sam Ross

General Manager

Sam is the driving force behind the MPS operation at all levels, focusing particularly at the operational level where his strength lies. In just over 12 months he established MPS from it’s initiation to a most successful business unit, overcoming the many challenges that are a part of his daily workload

He excels at developing, building and maintaining client relationships. His tireless and energetic approach provides innovation and value to all stakeholders involved in the claim management service. He is a natural leader, highly regarded by the staff for his team leadership and motivation, and is now getting industry wide recognition for his performance and achievements.

Although totally passionate with all things MPS, he won’t ignore the work/lifestyle balance and will often be seen with his wife and friends out on the Gulf in his Haines Hunter.

Charles Koudys

Hazardous Material Specialist

As our Hazardous Materials Specialist Charles brings extensive experience in managing the decontamination of methamphetamine from buildings to comply with the NZ Standards. Utilising his Operations Management & Management Science qualification he has developed a robust process, using key suppliers and ensure consistency at each step. This is a proven success model with Suncorp Australia now seeking advice on it’s application 

Charles has undergone training in Meth testing/decontamination, and recently received qualification for the monitoring and inspection of Asbestos removal work. He is well regarded for his professionalism and dedication to this work and can competently present to a group environment. This is not to take away from his ability to successfully manage claims of where he regularly achieves great results under a heavy workload and challenging claimants.

Charles commands a friendly and open approach, enjoys social events and is a great guy to spend time with.

Martin Hickmott

Senior Project Manager

As a Senior Project Manager Martin brings over 38 years Building Industry experience to MPS. He has spent the last six years committed to the Canterbury Earthquake repair programme in Project Management and Team Lead roles in both the residential and commercial arenas.

People skills, along with a keen sense of humour are part of Martin’s skill set, as well as bringing a high standard of professionalism and strong work ethic to every client and task he is assigned to. Martin’s strength is that he works hard to ensure open communication and effective working relationships have been established with all stakeholders, resulting in excellent outcomes in claim management.


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