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Health and Safety Management

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Morgan Project Services Health and Safety Policy is the foundation of our companies culture and we are committed to provide a safe and healthy working environment for workers, contractors and the public.

  • Measuring and reporting of Health and Safety practices 
  • Contractor and consultant compliance (Third Party accreditation)
  • On site construction monitoring
  • Working with employees and contractors to improve/maintain Health and Safety standards
  • Tertiary ACC accreditation (NZ highest accreditation)
Key Elements of the MPS H&S Policy and Goals.
  • Statutory requirements are fulfilled
  • Business leaders are committed to Health and Safety 
  • All Workplace incidents are accurately reported, recorded and corrective actions implemented
  • MPS plant and equipment are maintained in a safe condition with appropriate records of
  • Procedures for control,  monitoring and corrective actions – striving to eliminate work-related injuries and illnesses
  • Our operating system – Priority, constantly reviews, evaluates and updates on a regular basis to ensure continuous improvement

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