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Christchurch Earthquake

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What:             M 7.1 & M 6.3 Earthquake
Where:           Darfield / Christchurch
When:             04/09/10 & 22/02/11
Value:             40 Billion (across all properties)
Aftershocks: 11,000+



In 2013 Morgan Project Services was brought in to assist in the resolution of Multi-unit Building Earthquake claims.  Soon after, we were invited to commence work on the residential, and commercial earthquake claims.   In conjunction with our clients, we developed the integrated Project Managed Office model to ensure consistency, transparency and targeted goals. We have successfully assisted our client in the resolution of insurance claims through either validating settlements with specialist input or management of the reinstatement process.

Services included:

·         Scoping, costing and claim reserving

·         Up to the hour, client reporting

·         Coordination of specialist consultants 

·         Design and Council consent management

·         Contract management

·         Scheduling

·         Site monitoring

·         Health and Safety compliance monitoring

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