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Cyclone Debbie

What:               Ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie
Where:            North Island, NZ
When:             4th April, 2017
Volume:           500 homes inundated 


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Ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie caused large scale flash flooding, which seriously impacted over 500 houses in Edgecumbe and the surrounding region. Morgan Project Services worked with Suncorp, Vero and AAI in the claim management of 120 affected homes. 


We provided an immediate response, and using state of the art technology combined with an experienced project management team and contractor resource, could facilitate a rapid disaster response. This achieved an un-paralleled level of success by reassuring Suncorp’s customers early, ensuring they felt looked after and getting an accurate idea of the scale and cost of the event. By working with all stake holders and the community, we were able to get Suncorp’s customers back into their homes quickly and efficiently.

Make Safe Works
Completed 100%
Completed 100%
Construction Reinstatements
Completed 100%
Settled Claims
Completed 100%

Our activities through that event included the following:


·         Rapid response to mobilise resources

·         Coordinated ‘Makes Safes’ (strip outs, decontamination, certifications, drying)

·         Engage with local Council authorities and EQC for asbestos management bench marking

·         Engage with local Council authorities for accelerated building consent processing

·         Supply chain resource planning

·         Scoping, costing and client reserving

·         40% of claims cash settled within four weeks

·         60% of claims were managed building repairs, all completed in 7 months

·         Asbestos management

·         Stakeholder engagement (clients, contractors, customers, local authorities, EQC)

·         Cooperation with Emergency Services

·         Managed building reinstatements to Insured handover

·         Programming of construction works for contractor management and client reporting

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