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Kaikoura Earthquake


What:              M 7.8 Earthquake 
Where:            15 km north-east of Culverden
When:             14/11/16 @ 12:02 AM
Volume:           7,000 claims (9,500 properties)

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This event demonstrated the benefits of our integrated Project Management Office (PMO) model.  

Highlighting the following outcomes:

·        Rapid mobilisation 

·        Resourcing to meet client response / claim volumes

·        Open reporting 

·        One team approach (Insurance/ PMO Integration)

·        Unprecedented industry results – by amending our existing IT platform we were able to achieve between 250-325 assessments / cash offer recommendations per week for our client.  This achievement was recognised by the national governing authorities.


Make Safe Works
Completed 100%
Completed 100%
Settlement Reports
Completed 100%

We had staff in Kaikoura the day after the event to start the required Make Safe assessments and repairs, with assessors in other regions following soon after. Within a two-week period we had assessed over 650 properties identified as potentially requiring ‘Make Safe’ repairs. From there we soon established 3 additional offices (Blenheim, Kaikoura and Wellington), as well as rapidly increasing the personnel resources in Christchurch to manage the Make Safe repairs and assessments.


Approximately 9,500 properties inspected, including large rural properties, multiple units and complex building structures

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