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Mackay Floods

What:              Ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie 
Where:            North Island, NZ
When:             15th February, 2008
Volume:           2000 homes affected




On 15 February 2008, Mackay was devastated by severe flooding. A number of the personnel currently engaged by MPS, were involved with the project management of over 1200 homes and businesses that were inundated with flood water. A number of these properties were also inundated with ‘black water’ when power was lost to the local sewerage infrastructure facilities within the Mackay district.

A number of these personnel now employed by MPS were responsible for:

·        Rapid response to mobilise resources

·        Coordinated ‘Makes Safes’ (strip outs, decontamination, certifications, drying)

·        Engage with local Council authorities for asbestos management bench marking

·        Engage with local Council authorities for accelerated building approval processing

·        Supply chain resource planning

·        Scoping, costing and client reserving

·        22% of claims cash settled within 4 months

·        78% of claims were managed building repairs, completed in 9 months

·        Asbestos management

·        Stakeholder engagement (clients, contractors, customers, local authorities)

·        Cooperation with Emergency Services

·        Managed building reinstatements to Insured handover

·        Programming of construction works for contractor management and client reporting


Works were completed in 9 months.

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