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Impact Reinstatements

Our Project Management team have practical experience in the scoping, costing and reinstatement of Impact damaged buildings. Providing our clients with a rapid on-site response, structurally securing, quantifying the damage, and managing through to completion of the project, whether that be a settlement or completed construction project.

With our engineering consultants, we work quickly to establish a repair solution that meets both policy and building code requirements. Our process and techniques save time, reducing Business Interruption or Rental costs, and with our construction experience we have significantly reduced claim leakage.

  • Immediate Response
  • Identification and management of Asbestos contamination
  • Make Safe Management
  • Clear and details Scopes of Work
  • Robust health and safety practices (leading the insurance industry)
  • Design, and consenting management
  • Industrial, Corporate Projects
  • Residential Projects
  • Commercial & Industrial Projects
  • Construction and contract management
  • Management of Customer Relations, Expectations and Communications



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